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Spider Bags single up for pre-order today

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The A-side is based on the band’s tendency to party a bit too hard on tour. Every time the Bags pull in late to a town, they agree to “take it easy tonight.” It never works out that way. “By the time we get to the bar, you’re not taking it easy anymore,” says singer and guitarist Dan McGee, recalling drunken nights and minimal sleep. “It sounded kind of fun to write a hard-rocking pop song around the idea of ‘taking it easy.'” Mixed for over a month, the song is a dense, guitar-driven piece of psychedelic pop-rock with myriad layers and textures to explore. “I wanted it to be one of those things where you could just smoke a joint and lay down and listen to it and be like, ‘What is that? I didn’t hear that last time,’” he explains.

Similarly psychedelic, B-side “Shonda“ is a collaboration with the Bags’ good friends The Golden Boys. On tour together, the two bands stopped in Omaha, Neb. for a quick overnight recording session. The results formed the bulk of The Golden Boys’ 2009 LP Thee Electric Wolfman, but some songs ended up unused. This cut features the Bags backing up the Boys’ Bryan Schmitz for a late-night rock ‘n’ roll slow-burner. Heaped with overdubs including backwards drums and additional reverbed vocals, it’s a singeing breath of strung-out fire that’s sure to leave a mark.