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Best of 2010: David Koslowski

1. Getting to rock an eyepatch and getting my eyesight back after surgery this summer.

2. Devo at The National in Richmond, one of my Top 5 concerts ever.

3. Beach House at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill.

4. Completing my first documentary film, FREAKS IN LOVE : A Quarter Century of Underground Rock with ALICE DONUT.

5. Berlin…spending 10 days in this fantastic city of art, music & culture. While there seeing Faust & NEU! (2 of my all time favorite Krautrock bands) in concert. Shirlé got to hold a lyric sheet for Jean-Hervé Péron of Faust during their show and then we met him & drummer Zappi Diermaier afterwards.

6. Bear In Heaven at Local 506 in Chapel Hill and then at Hopscotch in Raleigh.

7. Annual Daniel Festival with Hammer No More The Fingers, which brought about the birth of Loose Coozy.

8. Touring with Gray Young, but especially Baltimore where GY bassist, Dan Grinder at an after party had to text FES to “go to bed.”

9. World Cup 2010…even though Germany lost.

10. Records by To Rococo Rot, Deerhunter, The National, Beach House, Liars, Weekend, The Soft Moon and No Joy.