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First One’s Free

Y’all are kind of broke right now, right? But y’all like going to kickass rocknroll shows, too, right? We’ve been busy scheming with our pals at The Pinhook to solve this very problem. Just in time for summer.

Churchkey Records and The Pinhook are excited to present “First One’s Free,” a series of free shows on the first Saturday night of each month at The Pinhook in Downtown Durham.

The series kicks off on Saturday June 2, with Whatever Brains and Gross Ghost, sponsored by Scion A/V.

Raleigh’s Whatever Brains are an abrasively upbeat garage-punk conundrum. Dense tangles of distorted guitar zoom about under the stomping impact of crusty bass lines and punishing drums. Pepper in in the irreverent provocations that Rich Ivey spits with his appealingly nasal bleat, and you arrive at the most divisive and devastating rock the Triangle has to offer.

Carrboro’s Gross Ghost are decidedly more accessible, but nonetheless engaging. Forcing the fuzzy distortion of ‘90s indie through a buoyant pop filter, the band creates catchy and kinetic jams that resound with a blurry sense of excitement.

Got it? First One’s Free. First Saturday of every month. At The Pinhook. Let’s do this, y’all.

These screen-printed posters by Steve Oliva will be for sale at the show.