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Churchkey V: August 25th @ PHK

These days, surviving as an independent label is a tall order. It’s a business based mostly on faith, fronting the cash to press a record by a band you love with nothing to back you up but your gut. It’s a game of stretched wallets and bruised livers, and surviving it necessitates that you know your audience and believe in your artists. This fall, we at Durham’s Churchkey Records will celebrate five years of beating the rock ‘n’ roll odds, and we want you to help us celebrate.

Churchkey V hits the Pinhook in Durham on Aug. 25 with performances by Last Year’s Men and Wood Ear. Wood Ear owns our latest release, Steeple Vultures — a gorgeous collection of road-worn, Southern-tinged indie rock. The Independent Weekly’s Grayson Currin called Steeple Vultures “a perfect nexus of the Triangle’s dual indie rock and alt-country legacies.” Last Year’s Men released an LP on Churhckey in 2010 and also happen to be one of the best garage rock bands in the South. The Washington Post’s David Malitz said of Last Year’s Men, “There’s an optimism and energy that helps separate (the) band from its peers.”

Tickets for the show will be set at the low price of $5. That same quintet of Washingtons will buy you any one of the label’s 14 releases at the merch table. We’re grateful to have gotten to work so many wonderful rock ‘n’ roll friends these past five years. Consider this party a rough and rowdy “Thank you.”