Hammer No More the Fingers

“It makes us feel old to say it, but this power trio is a throwback to ’90s college rock—great guitar hooks, fuzzy riffs, and easy-to-remember choruses.” — Spin.com

You’ll have to forgive the three members of Hammer No More the Fingers if they don’t seem surprised by the success of their North Carolina peers. Growing up in the 1990s in Durham, North Carolina, childhood friends Joe Hall, Jeff Stickley, and Duncan Webster witnessed firsthand the rise of a diverse swath of North Carolina bands onto the national stage. Superchunk, Whiskeytown, Archers of Loaf, Polvo, Corrosion of Conformity and other stalwarts each worked their way from the triangle that is Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill into the national’s college rock consciousness. Rich soil, they say, yields a bountiful crop for many years.

The fertile North Carolina soil has produced an impressive amount of talent lately: in recent years NC natives such as The Love Language and The Rosebuds have found success alongside transplanted acts like Megafaun and Spider Bags, that have been drawn to the Old North State. With so many hardworking and talented musicians in the region, the collective success should come as no surprise. This current generation of musicians thrives on its diversity, and constantly finds new ways to work and play together. On any given night, one might find members of chamber-pop outfit Lost in the Trees adding strings to a Hammer No More the Fingers live show, members of The Love Language recording an album with Megafaun, or Joe Hall posting up against Rosebud Ivan Howard on a Raleigh basketball court.

Drawing inspiration from generations past and present, Hammer No More The Fingers wrote their second LP, Black Shark, while playing over two hundred dates over the past two years in support of their debut LP, Looking For Bruce. Again working with acclaimed producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines) Hammer effortlessly mixes precise instrumental sparring with buoyant choruses and beautiful harmonies on Black Shark, their most mature and developed work to date, while retaining the youthful quirks and charm that they’ve had since they were youngsters playing in the soil. Bryan Reed of the Columbia Free Times says Black Shark “boasts a smoother, more spacious and more arena-ready sound than its predecessors. It’s loaded with whip-smart hooks, the best melodic phrasings the band has yet put to tape.” Like the region, these young men are still growing, and have much more to say.

Hammer No More The Fingers is:

  • Joe Hall — guitar, vocals
  • Jeff Stickley — drums, vocals
  • Duncan Webster — vocals, bass