The Dry Heathens

Founded in 2006 as an offshoot of The Midnight Gladness Band, The Dry Heathens are an entity becoming more and more rare these days: an authentic punk rock band. Blending the country-rock authenticity of bands like The Drive-By Truckers with the bleeding-heart intensity of The Replacements, the Heathens have become a live mainstay in and around Durham, N.C. First Contact with Ground, the band’s 2008 full-length debut, wraps that signature sound around defiant anthems and battered tales of lost romance.

Check out some recent press for The Dry Heathens and First Contact With Ground:

“The Dry Heathens craft massive songs of raucous energy – air-strike epics that inspire equal parts emotion and movement.” — Jamie Williams, Diversions (The Daily Tar Heel)

“The band hammers at feedback-and-vitriol punk laced with shots of hook and twang, like Drive By Trucker Mike Cooley woodshedding with Social Distortion” — Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly

“As fist-pumpingly anthemic as it is devastatingly sentimental, First Contact With Ground is the sound of what romance becomes after it is crushed by a harsh, uncaring world” (4-ear review, “Shove it in your earhole”, Issue 3) — Jordan Lawrence, Shuffle Magazine

“Durham’s The Dry Heathens features a muscular, distortion-drenched attack less about throttle than contoured roar. The sinewy hooks leave a sizeable sonic footprint.” — Chris Parker, Independent Weekly

The Dry Heathens is:

  • Darren Sink — Guitar, Vocals
  • Steven Jones — Bass
  • Steve Oliva — Guitar