For a brief but brutal three years, Durham, N.C. five-piece Tooth slayed Triangle metal fans like no other. A thrashing, Southern-fried mix of pounding instrumentals and the scathing, sarcastic bark of J-Me Guptil, the band was better than most area metal outfits and hit harder than just about all of them. Having ended its run in late 2009, Tooth leaves behind the Animality EP and a split 12” with  Philadelphia’s The Claw.

Some nice things that have been said about Tooth:

“A thundering herd of Bull City heavies, Tooth’s bludgeon is brisk and its vocals are vicious. Another notch in the increasingly proud belt of Southern metal, Tooth jabs eardrums like amplified jackhammers.” — Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly

“Riffs! Fucking riffs!” — Maximumrocknroll

“One of my favorite things I’ve heard all year. It’s metal, straight-up, but it subgenre-hops nicely, melding a fair amount of stoner/Sabbathy slow/low blooz with some gruff/hoarse thrash frenzy. The best part is the solos, which are awesome, short, and mixed down below the rest of the band so you gotta strain to hear them. Genius.” — Ross Grady,

“With its debut — best described as badass — Tooth digs into the legacy of Southern metal and hardcore, creating a searing sound akin to a burn from a deep-fryer, and ultimately the band creates its own brand of down-tuned, hell-bent monster.” — Bryan Reed, Diversions (The Daily Tar Heel)

“… as impressively diverse as the band’s palate on Animality may be, its strongest suit is the consistency of its low-slung and low-strung guitars. Front to back, the record’s got the detuned depth its panoramic girth deserves. In a year filled with Deep South pot-metal from Wilmington’s Weedeater and psych-heaviness from Savannah bands like Kylesa and Baroness, this record holds its own, boasting a lot of quality in 20 minutes.” — Robbie Mackey, Independent Weekly

Tooth is:

  • J-Me Guptill: Vocals
  • Rich James: Guitar
  • Ben Wilson: Guitar
  • Ryland Fishel: Bass
  • Noah Kessler: Drums