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shirlette ammons

Language Barrier  cover. shirlette ammons | Photo credit: Eric Monson shirlette ammons

Spider Bags

Singles cover. DanMcGee. Photo credit: Jeremy M. Lange “Take It Easy Tonite” cover.

Wood Ear

Electric Alone (2014) cover Steeple Vultures (2012) cover Wood Ear (Andy Shull, Frank Andolina, Nate Tarr, Rob Koegler)

The Future Kings of Nowhere

  • Images:
Pirates cover. (Dan Kinney, Shayne Miel, Mike Hacker) Photo credit: Kym Register


Archetypes cover. (Alec Ferrell, Rich James, Ryland Fishel, Noah Kesler) courtesy of the band

Hammer No More The Fingers

Black Shark cover. Looking For Bruce cover. (Duncan Webster, Jeff Stickley, Joe Hall)
Photo credit: Elizabeth Vitale
(Jeff Stickley, Duncan Webster, Joe Hall)
Photo credit: Elizabeth Vitale

Last Year’s Men

Sunny Down Snuff album cover. (Geoff Schilling, Ben Carr, Ian Rose)
Photo credit: Jeremy M. Lange
(Ian Rose, Ben Carr, Geoff Schilling)
Photo credit: Jeremy M. Lange


Free Electric State

Caress album cover. (Nick Williams, David Koslowski, Shirlé Hale, Tony Stiglitz)
Photo credit: Sam Roberts
(Nick Williams, Tony Stiglitz, Shirlé Hale, David Koslowski)
Photo credit: Sam Roberts

The Dirty Little Heaters

Champions of Imperfection cover. Fatty Don’t Feel Good 7″ cover. (Doug White, Reese McHenry, Dave Perry, Rob Walsh)
Photo credit: Jodi Donkel


  • Images:
Tooth / The Claw EP cover
(Tooth side)
Tooth / The Claw EP cover
(The Claw side)
Animality EP cover (Ben Wilson, Ryland Fishel, Rich James, Noah Kessler, J-Me Guptill)
Photo credit: Sam Roberts

The Loners

  • Images:
Revolution! cover.

The Dry Heathens

  • Images:
First Contact With Ground cover. (Darren Sink, Dave Parent, Steve Oliva, Steve Jones) courtesy of the band