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A brotherhood formed on the road, Durham NC’s Tooth and Philadelphia, PA’s The Claw forged their friendship by touring together up and down the eastern seaboard in support of their respective debut EPs. The two have now joined forces and contributed three songs each to follow-up their debuts with this split EP.

Working separately from two halves of a single original photograph, Rich James of Tooth and Patt Whelan of The Claw each created the cover art for the other band’s side of the record.

This 12″ vinyl record includes a coupon for a free download of high quality (320kbps) MP3 files of all six tracks on the record.

A thundering herd of Bull City heavies, Tooth’s bludgeon is brisk and its vocals are vicious. Another notch in the increasingly proud belt of Southern metal, Tooth jabs eardrums like amplified jackhammers. — Grayson Currin, The Independent Weekly

These two concise sides allow Tooth and the Claw to make pristine documents of themselves in full command of their powers. They rage without any fear that you can’t take it, packing as much wallop into three songs as they can. There’s nothing gentle about it, two brutal endings for two brutal bands. — Jordan Lawrence, The Daily Tar Heel

You can stream the entire EP using the player on this page—just click the play button below!

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