The Dirty Little Heaters

Fatty Don’t Feel Good


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The debut release from the new lineup of The Dirty Little Heaters!

Limited pressing of 500 copies, with cover art by Brian Walsby.

All of the limited-edition hand-colored copies are sold out! All remaining records come with the black & white cover shown here.

“A cage-rattling declaration of independence, Fatty comprises two contagious and concise jolts of analogue aggression, commanded by McHenry’s howl-at-the-world voice. A-side “The Dry Wait” hits like Dead Moon straightening its aim in a direct, focused, mid-tempo, distorted pounce. McHenry—who’s earned comparisons to Janis Joplin and Grace Slick but delivers with a sneer that’s more confident than those comparisons suggest—offers images of flashing lights in dark rooms and big engine blocks roaring down quiet roads. “Who’s your baby now?” she inquires, demanding with her tone that there’d best be just one answer. Despite its coy title, B-side “Untitled” exclaims confrontation from one groove to the next, McHenry offering advice about karma, weapons and adults stomping like little kids. It’s a perfect fit, the sort of personal track that feels like a rallying call for anyone with conflict at hand. Walsh and Perry don’t busy the backing. Instead, they work to drive their leader’s points home, like an army bolstering a bark that you hope scene politics never silences.” — Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly

Side A: “The Dry Wait”
Side B: “Untitled”
Download includes a bonus track: “Mexico Way”

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