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Tooth’s debut EP, released in December 2007.

“With its debut — best described as badass — Tooth digs into the legacy of Southern metal and hardcore, creating a searing sound akin to a burn from a deep-fryer, and ultimately the band creates its own brand of down-tuned, hell-bent monster.” — Bryan Reed, Diversions

“… as impressively diverse as the band’s palate on Animality may be, its strongest suit is the consistency of its low-slung and low-strung guitars. Front to back, the record’s got the detuned depth its panoramic girth deserves. In a year filled with Deep South pot-metal from Wilmington’s Weedeater and psych-heaviness from Savannah bands like Kylesa and Baroness, this record holds its own, boasting a lot of quality in 20 minutes.” — Robbie Mackey, Independent Weekly

You can stream the entire EP using the player on this page—just click the play button below!

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