The Congregation

Are you a fan of one or more Churchkey Records bands? You should join The Congregation! It’ll get you:

  • Occasional free goodies via email, only for members of The Congregation. This can include access to members-only downloads of live and/or rare tracks from Churchkey Records bands that aren’t available to non-members.
  • Our (more or less) yearly “Churchkey Christmas” release, which is not publicly available
  • Invitations to Churchkey Records special events
  • Early pre-order and download access for new releases, so you can get the new stuff before everyone else!

Oh, by the way. It’s free to join The Congregation! We only need your email address and your mailing address, so we can deliver you the goods. We won’t ever share your contact information with anyone else, and we’ll only ever use your information for the purpose of sending you the above items.

Sound like a square deal? Just fill out the form below to join!